Designed for the 21st Century

We are currently undergoing the greatest evolution in the history of Humanity.

The systems and structures that don't support our transition to a sustainable world are breaking down.

What's emerging from this process is an awakening to our collective responsibility as a species to help create a sustainable world for both people and planet.

Leaders and organisations are being called upon like never before to tap into their full innovative potential and create the solutions we need for a world that works for everyone.

We are realising that nature already has the solutions.  We are remembering that we are part of nature.

That's why we put nature at the heart of coaching because Humans need nature to thrive.

Our training program equips you to work with nature both indoors and out.

At EarthSelf, our speciality is merging nature with virtual environments and the needs of today's world to ensure you're right up to date.

It's easy to be connected with nature when you're immersed in the natural world.  When you're challenged with today's uncertain and complex world and faced with decisions that need immediate action, it's a lot harder.

Our approach to coaching with nature ensures that you can help your clients connect to nature no matter where they are or what they're doing.

It's grounded in an evidence-based approach to both coaching and nature connection.

This means that you'll be able to be confident that you're coaching with nature in a way that gets results and creates the transformational change your clients are looking for.

Coaching with nature plays a vital role within our transition to a sustainable world because it can help leaders and organisations:

  • Develop awareness of the environment in which they function in
  • Align action with purpose to drive impact and influence others
  • Find solutions within the natural world to their most pressing challenges
  • Learn to think and act in a systematic way
  • Create the necessary resilience and growth to navigate the more challenging forms of change

For Professionals & Business Owners

Who have an understanding of how business works

Our coach training works best for those who are comfortable in business and have some experience of personal development already.

You are looking to incorporate coaching into your existing skill set so that you can amplify the impact of your existing work - or set up a new revenue stream or business altogether.

You do not need to have any previous coach training or experience to undertake this course.  

However, we require all our students to:

  • have a clear intention for how you wish to use coaching with nature in the future
  • show a clear commitment to helping to create a sustainable world
  • believe in people, planet and profit

We will explore this during your initial intake conversation.

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Delivered in Four Modules

Over the course of a year

  • Practical Coaching Skills

    12 session module designed to equip you with the ability to coach in alignment with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching competencies

  • NATUREConnected Framework for Coaching

    8 session module that trains you to coach with NATURE and provides you with the skillset to ensure your clients are in harmony with nature at all times

  • Coaching with The NatureProcess®

    8 session module that enables you to coach from an embodied perspective so you can weave transformative nature experiences into the heart of your coaching

  • Transformative Coaching Skillset

    5 session module that provides additional coaching skills designed to create transformational change in both leaders and organisations

Training Program Outline

  • 1

    Module One: Practical Coaching Skills

    • Session 1: Demonstrating Ethical Practice

    • Session 2: Embodying a Coaching Mindset

    • Session 3: Establishing & Maintaining Agreements

    • Session 4: Cultivating Trust & Safety

    • Session 5: Maintaining Presence

    • Session 6: Listening Actively

    • Session 7: Evoking Awareness 1

    • Session 8: Evoking Awareness 2

    • Session 9: Evoking Awareness 3

    • Session 10: Facilitating Growth 1

    • Session 11: Facilitating Growth 2

  • 2

    Module Two: NatureConnected Framework for Coaching

    • Session 1: Coaching with NATURE: A Model for Transformational Change

    • Session 2: NATUREConnected Framework: What is it, why is it important and how does it work?

    • Session 3: NATUREAware: How to help your clients understand the impact of Nature in life and business

    • Session 4: NATUREDriven: How to help your clients ensure their decisions are aligned with nature

    • Session 5: NATUREInspired: How to help your clients develop solutions inspired by nature

    • Session 6: NATUREThought: How to help your clients think and act like nature works

    • Session 7: NATUREEmbodied: How to integrate nature experiences for optimal performance

    • Session 8: Letting the Earth Teach: How to apply the symbolism and metaphors of nature to your coaching sessions

  • 3

    Module Three: Coaching with The NatureProcess®

    • Session 1: The Nature Process: What is it and how does it apply to coaching?

    • Session 2: Natural Presence: How to deepen your client’s awareness of the natural world

    • Session 3: Natural Body: How to help your client to connect to the wisdom of their body

    • Session 4: Natural Attraction: How to transform your client’s stories and beliefs about their life

    • Session 5: Natural Communication: How to help your client understand the non-verbal language of nature

    • Session 6: Natural Release: How to support your clients to feel part of the natural world

    • Session 7: Designing Meditations & Visualisations: How to develop personalised experiences for your client's growth

    • Session 8: Emotional Rebalancing: How to use The NatureProcess to help a client deal with strong emotions

  • 4

    Module Four: Transformative Coaching Skills

    • Session 1: Going Deeper: How to Catalyse Transformation

    • Session 2: Working with Paradox: Embracing Both/And for Greater Transformation

    • Session 3: Understanding Effective Pauses: Adapting the Client's Journey for Better Outcomes

    • Session 4: Partnering with Nature: Going Deeper into Growth with the Client

    • Session 5: Honouring the Cycle: Starting at the End of the Client Journey

  • 5

    Business Development Resources

    • Know Your Coaching Business BONUS

    • Client Engagement via Coaching with NATURE Model

    • ICF Sample Coaching Agreement Template

    • ICF Client Coaching Log Template

    • ICF ACC Application Requirements

Aligned to Elite Coaching Standards

Together, the four seasons offer 125 hours of training designed to meet the ICF standards for PCC portfolio application

  • 82.5hr of Live Coach Specific Training

  • 22hr of Recorded Seminar Training

  • 7.5hr of Group Mentor Coaching

  • 3 x 1hr of 1:1 Mentor Coaching

  • 15hr of Observed Coaching

  • Final Performance Exam

September Start Date

Working with the cycles of the year

Our entire program is delivered online to help you understand how to work with technology and nature to ensure that your coaching is fully relevant for the 21st Century.

Training is delivered in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a safe environment and transformative experience with continual trainer feedback on your coaching practice.

Live sessions are held via zoom and the recorded seminars are hosted in our online learning platform.

Time of the training sessions are created to fit into all participants' schedules and are agreed as part of the enrollment procedure.

2021 Start Date

Week beginning September 6th, 2021

Led by EarthSelf's Director & Lead Coach

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Tabitha Jayne

With over 10 years of professional coaching with nature experience with a wide variety of clients around the world, Tabitha is also the creator of The NatureProcess® and the NATUREConnected Framework for Coaching.  

Additional trainers will participate in the delivery of the coach training program, especially during the observed coaching and performance exam stage of the training. All these trainers hold an ICF certification at PCC or MCC level.

"Receiving detailed feedback on my coaching practice with a client was invaluable"

Mark Henderson: Transformational Change Professional Coach - Sweden

Tabitha is passionate about her work and totally committed to it. She is authentic, supportive and generous in her sharing of her own academic journey and coaching experience. It’s fun and you will deepen your own connection to nature with all the benefits that follow.

"Tabitha knows her craft"

Lyn Man: Coaching with Nature Professional Coach - UK

I worked with Tabitha initially as a client for 5 years and then in business for 3 years. She intuitively knows when you are holding back and has developed a range of tools to help you work through the stories and embody the transformation that results. She is dedicated to what she does and ensures all her products and services are of the highest quality.

"Tabitha has her own depth of experience and insight"

Claire Zhu: Transformational Change Professional Coach - Australia

Tabitha's coaching and training have helped me make the transition from banking career to coaching. I highly recommend Tabi as a coach and trainer if you want to experience transformational change yourself. Transformational change with nature is like no other journey. It’s unique, deep and a life long rewarding journey.

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Speak to EarthSelf today and find out if we're a mutual fit

1-year intensive training program into transformational change coaching with nature

£10,000 GBP / $13,000 USD 

This program can also be delivered in-house and customised for organisational needs

Included in the Investment

  • Lifetime access to any of the updates of training materials in the future
  • 6 months group mentoring following successful completion of the training to support you as you continue to create your coaching practice

Common Questions

  • What languages are the training available in?

    Currently, Earthself's transformational change coaching with nature coach training program is only available in English.

  • Do you offer payment plans for the training?

    Yes. We actively work with you to ensure you're able to take part in the training and can tailor payment plans to your specific needs.

  • What's your refund policy?

    We offer no refunds on payments once they're received. This is to ensure that you take the time to speak with us and ensure you're fully committed to the training program before you sign up.

  • What happens if I need to withdraw from the training?

    We understand that exceptional circumstances can happen. Should you need to withdraw from the coach training program we will work with you to ensure this is done in the most sensitive and compassionate manner possible. We will also support you to complete the training at a later date provided it is within two years of your initial withdrawal date.

  • What's the status of your ICF Accreditation?

    We will be applying for this in May 2021 after the latest cohort of students complete the training. We are offering a September 2021 start date to ensure that we have completed the accreditation process by then.

  • Will I be able to become certified with the ICF through your program?

    Yes. Once you meet the requirements for certification with the ICF you'll be able to apply for accreditation through their portfolio route. Once we have ICF ACTP accreditation